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5 Super Simple Ways to Take Better Pictures Of Your Own Kids

Looking for photogrpahy tips on taking better pictures of your own kids? Read here to learn how to get great pictures of your kids easily!

I get it.

Taking pictures of your own kids can be challenging (especially if you’re a photographer)

They’re tired of having that camera in front of their face all the time. 

They want to play.

They have other agendas

They don’t want you telling them what to do.


So how are you ever going to get pictures of those most precious people in the world?

I’ll tell you what I do.


First though, let me describe to you my three year old son. He’s the youngest of 4. He is VERY active, thrill seeking, resilient to pain. He is the child who has gotten kicked out of daycares (more than once). His pediatrician has suspected he might be somewhere on the ADHD spectrum ( but we are still waiting to see how he matures) . Needless to say, this boy is NOT an ideal model when it comes to taking photos.

But, I love him oh, so much, he is charming and beautiful and I want to capture him on camera! And I used these 5 simple strategies for taking his photo so I could get a great picture of him (he’s the little skateboarder!)


Don’t Surprise Them With Them Idea

No one likes things thrown at them at the last minute. We like to know things ahead of time so we can prepare. Same with kids. If you want to take better pictures of your kids let them know early on. It will help them prepare themselves and understand what’s coming.5 Simple Ways to Take Better Pictures Of Your Own Kids

Let Them Wear Something Fun

Maybe it’s a costume or something they don’t get to wear often. Maybe go out and let them pick out an inexpensive accessory to wear. Let them wear a little lip gloss or nail polish. Let them be part of the process and how they’ll look.

take better pictures of your own kids

Incorporate Something They Love

Do your kids like playing soccer, video games, painting, etc. Let them do that then in the photos! My little boy, loves skateboarding (and at 3, he’s actually pretty awesome at it.) For these shots I just let him bring it along.

How to make taking pictures fun for kids

Use Food

Sure, you could use it as a bribe them if they do a great job, but why not just incorporate it right in the photos! There are lots of foods that look cool in pictures. Get them a big lollipop, watermelon, ice cream cones or Popsicles.

Candid photograph of tow year old licking a lollipop for his two year portrait

Stay positive

As a parent or photographer we want to get those great pictures, while our kids want to do [insert anything else here]. WE can get frustrated with them. Do your best to not. Instead, pick up on the great things they are doing right away. Encourage them, smile and use lots of positivity!

Stay positive when taking pictures of your kids


So there you have it! Give these strategies a try with your own kids and see how they come out!


I would LOVE to hear a strategy you have for taking photos of your children. Let us all know in a comment below!




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  • SandyMay 25, 2018 - 10:55 pm

    Hi Emily, absolutely love Ur tutorials. May I ask what speed do u shoot those awesome pictures of Ur son on skate board? And what trick do u use together him on sharp focus? ReplyCancel

  • VickiMay 10, 2018 - 6:57 am

    Your photos are amazing!  The  people you photograph look like they stand out.  How do you get that  look?  Is it the lens you use?ReplyCancel

  • SharonMay 9, 2018 - 3:27 pm

    My Suggestions:
    Anticipate – try and second guess what they are about to do and where they are about to go.  Then get your camera lined up and focused. e.g. You spot a puppy heading their way or a fallen log that is too irresistible not to climb.
    Set traps – Don’t ask them to pose. be more subtle.  e.g. Surprise them with a giant cardboard box, then say “I bet you can’t fit inside that!”ReplyCancel

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