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Fun Activities For Kids

Fun with Paint: The Clean Way!

Have you noticed how kids love to get messy? I have four kids, so I am well aware of the messes that are made! Getting dirty and messy is part of being a kid and it can actually help their cognitive development when incorporating sensory experiences for them. It’s easy as a parent to not allow some of the more sensory related activities because the end result is just a giant mess, but here I’ve outlined a few tips to make painting a little bit cleaner.

This section of my photography blog pairs whatIknow best: Photography and Children! When Iam not behind the camera, I am a mom of four little ones and a part time child development professor. If you are looking for more information on my portrait work please visit my family or children portfolio sections. To see even more ideas for fun activities to do with your little ones click here!


Washable paints

A Large Sheet

Brushes (Optional)Little painters try not to get too messy in this photograph

Painting is such a fun activity for kids. It gives them the ability to imagine and create. It also provides a sensory experiences with bright colors and wet, messy textures. But for mom, bringing the paints out translates to, “I’m going to have a big mess to clean up”. One easy way to eliminate part of the mess is to take the painting outside. Right away that will make your kitchen table looking spotless:)Painting feet in this fun activiyt fo rchildren to do in the summer time.The next thing you’ll want to do to make painting cleaner is to find an old sheet. You could use an old one from your closet, but one on clearance or go to good will and pick one up for a dollar. The bigger the better. Lay it out flat in the backyard and let the kids go at it! If you have several kids, like Ido, they can all work together on the same canvas without bothering one another. Using the sheet as the canvas allows them to wipe their hand or feet off right there. They can also work on one area and then move over to another with out swtiching paper.Phoneiz area children's photographer documents fun painting activities for childrenNow remember, since we are outside, cleaning their hands and feet is a breeze. Ijust turn on the hose and let them wash off whatever is on them after they have already wiped most off on the sheet! If you want to display the art, you can hang it up against a fence or wall in your yard for a day or so. Then, throw it in the wash and you’ll have a blank canvas for them to use again next time! It makes it so easy and neat!Phoneix area children's Activities (4)What a some things you do to help minimize the mess with your kids activities? I’d love to hear some tricks you use! Hope this gives you some good ideas. Check out a few of my other blog posts for kids here. Thanks for reading! Emily

Ahwatukee Childrens photography fun with painting

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