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Activities for Kids: Rewards For Photoshoots!

Photographer Edition: Activities for Kids

I get it.

As a mom of four kids myself I know that your kids don’t always want to have their picture taken.

But there are things that you can do to make picture time more enjoyable AND also reward them too! And it might not be what you think!


Make sure to let your kids know beforehand that you’ll be taking their picture. This way the aren’t surprised when you whip out the camera. Give them a clear start and end time and stick with it. This way they aren’t asking over and over when they’ll be done.


Turn it into a game! Have them do an activity, board game, outdoor game…or even a computer game if that is what they’re into! Take their picture while they are doing that activity! Make it something that they actually enjoy doing and snap away while they are doing it! (Need some ideas… here’s a few specific ones you might want to try out)

Or Maybe Try…

Instead of bribing or giving treats as a reward at the end, incorporate the treats into the photoshoot! Give them a lollipop and let them eat it during the pictures. Have some ice cream? Turn it into a fun sundae session! Instead of making it something they get for completing picture taking time, have it be a part of the event itself!


You can always offer some rewards once you are finished taking their picture. I think we all like to be rewarded after a hard day of being in front of the camera! Instead of always just giving candy…maybe give activities as the reward!

Here’s a few ideas you could reward them with:

*Take them to their favorite pizza place

*Let them play games on the computer ! (There are a ton of fun and free ones here to check out!)

*Take them to their favorite park!

*Let them pick out a book from the school book order (I loved that as a kid!)

If all else fails, don’t force it. You don’t want the experience to always be a struggle or not enjoyable for your kids. You want to create a memorable time where you can take memorable photos. If you can see it not playing out the way you hoped it would, just start back from scratch and try again another time!

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