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Adjusting Your Mindset To Get Clarity Over Your Photography Goals! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #90

Adjusting Your Mindset To Get Clarity Over Your Photography Goals! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #90


Feeling unclear  about your photography goals?

Lost in a sea of overwhelm or comparison?  Don’t worry we ALL feel that way from time to time.  Good thing is, there are things we can do to adjust our mindset to get clear and feel more aligned with our dreams and goals.  Learn today from mindset expert Amanda Edwards on The Stay Focused Podcast!



Amanda Edwards is a wife, mom, corporate sales executive, and Host of the Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast.  Her career in corporate sales over the past 15 years has fed her passion for women in business. Amanda is passionate about using her sales and business background to help ambitious women who are starting, or trying to grow a business, position themselves in their market and build a brand around who they are and how they can serve others to grow their impact and income. Amanda provides strategies and tools to gain visibility, attract customers in a way that feels good, and build genuine relationships, so that you feel authentic and energized, versus salesy and stuck.  She has a fundamental belief that we have to work on our mindset first and get out of our own way in order to move forward. You can have all of the tools and strategies in place, but you won’t get unstuck until you stop holding yourself back. 

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