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Adventurous Family Photography at South Mountain In Phoenix

Phoenix Family Photographer

Looking for a fun photo adventure with your family? When choosing a location for family portraits, Phoenix has many hiking adventures! Some of them even perfect for younger kids (…keep reading for location example) If you are looking for a family photo session in an adventurous spot email me today to book your session or just click the button below! emily@cozyclicks.com

Hiking In Phoenix For Photos

While the Phoenix area has many beautiful mountains, not all of them are the perfect ones for photography. First off, some hiking trails do not even allow photography or require permits and fees beforehand. Other mountain trails are rough for families with young children or people with limited mobility. Then there are others that are…well perfect. Some mountain hikes, like this South Mountain trail in Ahwatukee require a mild amount of hiking.

I Want The Mountain Look in My Pictures, But Don’t Want to Hike.

Want the mountain look, but not a 5 hour trek that comes along with it? Don’t worry! This mountain location, as well as most desert locations I shoot at give the illusion that we have hiked far up to the top, without really having to do it!

Best Time Of Year For Mountain Photos

If you want family photos taken with desert and mountain backgrounds AND you live in Arizona! Anytime is perfect! However, the summer months can get very warm, so it’s recommended to stay at the base of any trail and shoot early morning or evening.

How To Book Your Family Photo Session

Scheduling a family photo session with mountain backgrounds is easy! Just send me an email today and we can discuss where the perfect trail would be to shoot for your bunch! Emily@cozyclicks.com

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