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Ahwatukee Children’s Photography: “Sisters at Sunset”

Phoenix Family and Child Photographer

Children’s Photography in Ahwatukee

The Location: South Mountain

One of the most beautiful and popular locations for photographing kids and families is in Ahwatukee. Mountains surround the beautiful little town and there are many different hiking trails and paths that lead up to South Mountain. This location offers mountains galore as well as flat desert landscapes and lots of cactus! It’s prefect for both child and family sessions.

Portrait of sisters sharing secrets in Ahwatukee near South MontainYoung sisters running down the mountain in Ahwatukee and laughing

Time: Sunset

As with the majority of my photo sessions, this children’s session took place just before sunset. The glowing sun and rays peek out of the mountains at this spot, making for beautiful colors and imagery. I bet it was pretty obvious from scrolling through these photos that sunset was the time these were taken.This locations is very pretty, but also very bright as the sun is directly above most of the day. For that reason, shooting here later in the afternoon is ideal.Portrait of 4 and 5 year old sisters in Phoenix, AZ 85044 85048Four year old girl smiling big wearing sunglasses at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona


The Models

These girls are some of my favorite models to shoot. The sisters loved playing around in the desert and sharing secrets with one another. They were running, laughing and just having a great time all around! One of these girls also made the cut as a fan favorite at Beyond the Wanderlust. Take a look here to see which photo was chosen as a top pick!Children holding hands and walking up a mountain path in Phoenix 85048 85044

You can email me at to schedule your next family or child photos session. While my weekend spots throughout the year are dwindling down, Istill do have some availability for holiday shoots!


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