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Creating Balance In Your Photo In Photoshop Using Symmetry

How To Create balance and symmetry in your photos using Photoshop.  Learn how to make one side of your photo look just like the other side of your picture by using Photoshop Simple Easy Technique and Photoshop tip!

Ever have a photo that just looked kinda off, or maybe crooked or unbalanced? It’s like you wish that the one good looking side of the photo looked that same way on the other side. Well, guess what? You can make that happen. It’s pretty easy to do inside Photoshop to create that balance in your picture that you’re looking for!


Grab the rectangular marquee tool and click and drag it around the side of the photo you want to duplicate.

Creating Balance In Your Photo In Photoshop Using Symmetry


Right click inside of that rectangle you just created and from the drop down menu select “layer via copy”. In your adjustment panel, you’ll now see a new layer called “layer on” with a small thumbnail of your rectangular selection


With that “layer one” layer selected (it will appear highlighted in the adjustment panel) Go up to edit>transform> flip horizontal. (*note: you can also flip in vertical too if that is how it works best for your image!)

Creating Balance In Your Photo In Photoshop Using Symmetry


Grab the move tool and move that new layer to the spot that best creates balance in your image. Create a layer mask to erase off any unwanted areas with a soft black brush (unsure how? Watch the video above to learn!)

Creating Balance In Your Photo In Photoshop Using Symmetry

Have fun creating balance and symmetry in your photos! You’ll quickly see what a difference it makes!!

After you give this a try, show your work off! Post it over in the Cozy Clicks Community Facebook group or tag me on Instagram so I can see what you created!

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Learn Photoshop tips for making one side of your picture look the same as the other.  Create balance in your photos inside of Photoshop with this simple technique
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