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DIY Photo Filters | How To Easily Create Magic In Your Images!

If you’ve ever felt like your photos looked kind of boring or maybe you simply just lacked a fun cool location to take pictures, don’t worry! You can make your photos look interesting instantly and more magical just by using things you have around your house already. Sound too easy? It really is!

Just look around your house for things for things that will filter the light through. Some examples might be:

*fly swatters

*colored tissue paper

*regular white paper

*flower petals

*onion bags and so much more!

DIY Photo Filters Use simple things around your house to create magic in your work!


Look around to find a cool filter to play around with.


Hold the filter in front of your camera lens. It doesn’t have to be touching it. Move the filter around different spots of your lens until you find a cool look. This might be directly in front, but could be just a little bit in the corner or off to the side.


Move your body around and take some pictures using the filter.

DIY Photo Filters  Super fun and easy to create photos!
Portrait Editing with The Perfect Portrait + yellow glow in camera!


You can look here and see this image where I took a simple yellow fly swatter to create a golden glow across the image {in camera} simply by taking the flyswatter and placing it just to the upper corner of the lens. I was able to create a yellow glow that looked similar to the sun and this was all done in a location that wasn’t super exciting- my backyard. Take a look below to see the pullback shot the filter that I used and the final outcome Now you try it and see how fun it is to see what you can create!

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DIY Photo Filters, how to use them to create magical images.  Super easy to do!

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