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Extended Family Photography in Gilbert, AZ

Phoenix Extended family photographer at Gilbert Riparian Preserve.  One of the top rated [photographers in Phoenix

Extended Family Photography at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Looking for photos of your family, grandparents and maybe aunts uncles or cousins too? Having photos taken of your extended family is perfect during the holidays or really anytime you want to document the whole group together! I loved working with this extended family for the second time this year to capture their whole crew.

If you are searching for a photographer to take your extended family photos, email me today! Emily@cozyclicks.com or just click on the contact button.

Phoenix Extended family photographer at Gilbert Riparian Preserve.  One of the top rated [photographers in Phoenix
Family of four photography near Phoenix , AZ

Why Extended Family Photos Matter

In the age of smartphones and selfies, you might wonder, “Do we really need a professional photographer for family pictures?” The answer is a resounding yes! Extended family photos are not just about documenting the present, but about creating heirlooms for generations to come. They capture the essence of your relationships, personalities, and the love that binds your unique clan. You deserve photos that reflect the genuine joy and connections you share, and a professional Phoenix extended family photographer can make that happen.

Sibling photography at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

The Magic of Gilbert Riparian Preserve

When choosing a location for your extended family photoshoot, the Gilbert Riparian Preserve should be at the top of your list. This hidden gem in the heart of Phoenix offers a breathtaking natural backdrop, complete with lush greenery, serene ponds, and picturesque bridges. Whether you’re looking for a casual, relaxed atmosphere or a more formal setting, this versatile location has you covered. Your Phoenix extended family photographer can expertly frame your loved ones against the beauty of the Riparian Preserve, ensuring each shot is a masterpiece. See more from this location here.

Phoenix Extended family photographer at Gilbert Riparian Preserve.  One of the top rated photographers in Phoenix

Embracing Overcast Days

Believe it or not, overcast days are a dream come true for family photos. Why? The soft, diffused light on cloudy days eliminates harsh shadows and unflattering highlights, making everyone look their absolute best. You won’t have to squint into the sun or worry about sweat-inducing heatwaves. Instead, you’ll have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that allows your true personalities to shine. So, don’t let a cloudy forecast deter you. Embrace the overcast days for the most beautiful and natural family photos.

Grandparents and grandchildren photography in Phoenix

If you’re ready to capture the beauty of your extended family, the Gilbert Riparian Preserve and its stunning backdrop, reach out to me today. As a Phoenix extended family photographer, I am eager to create timeless memories with you. Contact Emily at emily@cozyclicks.com and let’s start planning your unforgettable family photoshoot. Don’t miss out on the chance to freeze these special moments in time; you and your loved ones deserve it!

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