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Hey there! You found me!

(Not like I was hiding or anything) But it’s awesome we can finally connect! I knew I’d run into you sooner or later.

Thanks for stopping by the site, I’ve rearranged some things and spruced the place up a bit making Cozy Clicks even more cozy for us to hang out.

So whatcha waitin’ for? Step on in, make yourself comfy and let me show ya around. I’m Emily, by the way.

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Let me show you around!

Ok, so if you’re a totally newbie, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that at all my friend- this is the place you’ll want to start. The Photography Bootcamp. It’s totally free, less that an hour and gives you a super charged jump start into taking better pics. You can register to watch it here. But hey, before you do just promise me that you’ll actually take the time to watch and learn, don’t be one of those people that signs up for all the freebies online and then let’s it just sit there collecting dust in the back of your internet. Really take the time to learn…you know you want to!

And if you’re a little more than just a beginner, but still not where you want to be yet, then the blog is where it’s at. (funny, I’ve never really liked that word “blog, kind reminds me of “blob”…but anyways) The blog is full of over 100 free photography and Photoshop tutorials just hangin’ out there and waiting to waiting to be read by YOU! And feel free to take a seat there on my couch and stay and read for awhile. I don’t mind.

Now, this is the part I really love…PHOTOSHOP! Heck yes! This is where your photos go to get all dolled up, fancy and creative. So once you’re feeling that your pics are on-point and you’re ready to start editing, come try some of my free Photoshop resources. I’ve got a whole collection of of actions, overlays and digital background samples waiting here for you to try out.

There is a place where all photographers find themselves at some point. You might already be here. You feel like you have all the right tools and gear to get your photos to look the way you want, but you just can’t get them edited the way you see in your mind. If that is you, The Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Membership is what will take your photos to that next level, help you gain consistency and learn those special little magic tricks you’ve been missing. Not only am I teaching you inside there, but I invite some of the biggest names in the photography industry to also teach you AND I give you just about every Photoshop resource I ever created. Pretty cool, huh?

You are such a good listener. You can jump in and chat with me anytime. I must be speakin’ your language with all these resources you now have at your fingertips. Since you’ve hung out with me and listened this long, you might really love learning in my weekly podcast, The Stay Focused Podcast. New episodes air every Wednesday on iTunes, Spotify and right here on the blog too! It’s kinda like a workshop where each week you learn something new. Most of the time it’s from me, but every once in awhile I invite some pretty sweet guests to come on and teach you too!

Already a student or member of mine? Here’s the place where you login and keep on learning even more!