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How To Create Winter Magic In Photoshop!

How to use Photoshop to create a winter look.  Photoshop tips for photographers wanting to turn their photo in to snow!

With winter just around the corner, it’s natural that you want your photos to have that wintery, snowy magical feel. But what if it’s not snowing?

No problem.

Photoshop to the rescue! Here are three quick ways that you can create winter magic in Photoshop!

(Original photo taken with the Canon Mark ii 5d and the 135mm 2.0)

Watch below and learn!

Starting with the original….

Create Winter Magic In Photoshop!

And then the final image with the techniques applied in the video above!

Create Winter Magic In Photoshop!

Finish the look with fun snow overlays too! Check out the set available in the Cozy Clicks shop!


Have fun winterizing your photo and if you do, please share it with me! I love seeing what you create! Tag me @cozyclicks in any of your stories or posts on Instagram so I can check out your work! Follow me here!

Learn how to create a winter edit inside of Photoshop.  3 easy ways to create winter magic with these Photoshop tips!
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