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How To Fix Grainy Photos: Eliminate The Noise!


how to stop noisy photos and eliminate the noise in themHow To Fix Grainy Photos: Eliminate the Noise!


Uh-oh, You’ve just pulled up the cutest photo (you know the one where your precious little kiddo is looking right at the camera AND smiling) and while you thought it was great, when you zoom in it’s actually quite grainy and noisy. It doesn’t look great.

So why did that happen?

Can you fix it?

How can you keep it from happening again?


If you’ve ever been in this situation and wondered the answer to these questions, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out what you can do with your grainy photos.



Grainy or noisy photos can happen for a few reasons. One of the most common reasons is that your photo is not properly exposed. If it is too over or under exposed grain will show up.

Another reason is that your lighting situation was too dark. Not having enough light will create noise in your photos.

Finally, if your ISO was set very high, it can cause noise in your photos.



Can you fix it?

The good news is yes! (too a point) There are a few easy things to do.?


First, You can also fix noise by simply slowing things down and being very mindful when your shooting. Make sure your photo is properly exposed.

Then, Make sure that there is enough light in you photo.

Next, check your ISO. Don’t get too hung up on your ISO being too high however. A lot of people hear high ISO leads to grain (which it can ) BUT a photo that is not exposed right can add way more noise and grain to your photo- so always opt for a higher ISO than a waaaaay underexposed picture.

Finally, try moving your luminance slider to the left in ACR or Lightroom you’ll see huge results right away just by doing that!

Still not seeing great results? There are also noise removal software programs out there, so if you’re finding this to be a continuing problem with your work, you might want to look into one of them.


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How to fix a grainy photo and why there is noise in the first place! Photographers read here to learn how to eliminate the noise!



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