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How To Get Beautifully Candid Shots Using These Prompts: The Stay Focused Podcast #19

How To Get Beautifully Candid Shots Using These Prompts:

The Stay Focused Podcast #19




Easy prompts that you can use to get more candid shots in your photography


Today’s episodes is all about getting those “candid” shots!

Candid shots are awesome, right? It looks like a perfect moment in time that was captured at just the right second. But if you are really trying to seek out these “candid” moments to take photos of, a lot of the time it’s just not gonna happen. Or worse yet, your subjects are going to end up looking SUPER awkward because you’re sitting there with a camera telling them to “just act candid”. Getting those candid moments does take a little preparation on your part and understanding how to make your subject feel comfortable to get those candid moments.


This episode helps you understand just how to do that! Come take a listen to learn simple prompts (and things you can do!) to get those beautifully candid moments!



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  • Judi ChapmanMay 26, 2019 - 8:02 am

    great podcast! Great tips! ReplyCancel

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