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How To Price Yourself As A Beginner: An Interview With Annemie Tonken

#150 The Stay Focused Podcast

Ever wonder what you should charge for your work as a new photographer?

Or maybe what you should say if someone thinks you are charging “too much”?

Annemie Tonken joins us on the show today to share with you just what you should say to people!

Annemie Tonken has been a professional photographer since 2010 and is now a respected podcaster, educator, and speaker focusing on business systems and strategies that help creative entrepreneurs run profitable, sustainable businesses they love. She is the: – Host of This Can’t Be That Hard, a top-rated weekly podcast – Co-founder of The Family Narrative conference, held annually since 2017 – Creator of the Simple Sales System, which was the inspiration behind Pic-Time’s popular marketing app by the same name Annemie is known for making photography business-y stuff fun and approachable!


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