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How to Sharpen Your Photos for the Web


How to Sharpen Your Photos for the Web

Looking to try and find a way to get your pictures looking sharp for the web?  If your photos have been looking a little wonky latey when you post them over on your fave social media platform, it might be because they haven’t been sharpened or resized to look the best when you load them up into the web.


Lucky for you, I’ll show you just how to do it! PLUS, I’ll even give you my shapern for the web Photoshop actions for FREE! Yup, learn how to do it on your own first, then scroll to the bottom to grab your freebie action.


How To Sharpen Your Images In Photoshop For Web Use


Children's Photography in Ahwatukee, AZ. Portrait of 4 year old in brightly colored sweater


After all of your edits have been made and you are ready shapren and save for web use, duplicate your background layer.


From the top menu choose filter> sharpen> unsharp mask


Play around with your settings with the pop up appears.  My settings for this image were: amount 143, radius .8, threshold 10

To Resize

From the top menu go to image>resize 

When the pop up menu appear change the width to 2048 pixels


Related Tutorial: How To Get Eyes Sharp in Photoshop


And that’s it! Watch the short video below for step by step instructions (**update: just FYI, this tutorial was one of my very first that I put out there on YouTube & while it’s full of great info, sound quality isn’t quite how my newer tutorials sound on YT!**)

After You’ve learned, make sure to grab my freebie Photoshop action to sharpen your photos for web use below!

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