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How To Start Your 401K When You’re A Photographer

The Stay Focused Podcast An Interview With Matt Ruttenberg

Being a photographer is fun and creative, right?  But when you are your own boss AND have your own business you might not think about things like….retirement. That’s not quite as fun and creative, right?

Whether you know a little or a lot about starting a 401k, Matt Ruttenburg with https://lifeincrs.com/ is sharing with you what you need to know about saving as a small business owner.

On the show today, we break down things like:

1) Knowing the basics of 401k options

2) Narrowing down your options with 2 simple questions

3) Reasons behind starting a retirement plan for you business.

If you’ve been putting off saving, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!



Learn more from Matt! Our Evaluator will point you in the right direction on which is the best plan: https://www.lifeincrs.com/evaluator

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