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How To Blog About A Photography Session & Why It’s So Important!


If you are a photographer, you have probably already heard that blogging your photo sessions is pretty important. You probably are also a little unsure of where to even start or what you should be writing about? I felt that way at first too, but then I figured out EXACTLY what should go into each post! Keep reading to learn what you should be writing about in your photography blog posts.

What to Put In Your Blog Post


So, this is pretty obvious right? If you are going to blog a photo session, you have to include pictures! But, there is a right way to do it.  First of all, you don’t want to put the whole session up there. That can be overwhelming. Aim for 5-8 of your best images from the session that showcases a variety of what a potential client might receive.


You probably just cringed a little bit right? I know it, photographers like you like the visual part and not so much the writing. You are probably a little stumped on what you should be writing about. A good post, and one that will help your SEO with Google should have at least 300 words. That’s a lot when you are used to just creating the photos. (If your nervous about your grammar and formatting you can check out the Everything Grammar Book here) So what should you write about? Well, a good post should include at least three paragraphs of helpful information for future clients. Here is a list of possible topics you could choose from. Pick at least three and craft your paragraphs around those topics.

Paragraph Topic Choices for Photography Session Blog Posts

Clothing/Styling (what are the people in the photos wearing and why is it a good wardrobe choice)

Location (where are you and what can a future client expect from this spot)

Session Type (explain what type of photo session it was and what a client could expect from it)

Vendors ( List any vendors that helped with the session- stylists, make up artist, name brands of props, etc.)

Props (Talk about any props that were included)

Weather ( Write what the weather was like during the session and how that affected the photos from the session)

Why Blogging is Important

Unsure how to blog a photography session? Read here to see what you should be including in e

So you have probably already heard that blogging is important for SEO, right? If not you can read more about blogging and SEO here. Having strong SEO can move you up the rankings in Google,
allowing you to reach more people and booking more potential clients!

BUT, there is more than just SEO that makes blogging your photography sessions important. By blogging your photography sessions, you are giving information to future clients. You are helping guide them through the process of working with YOU! Take a look again at some of the paragraph “topic” choices I listed. Most of those topics will answer common questions your clients have. Think about it. What do clients want to know:

  • “What should I wear?”
  • “Where will we shoot at?”
  • “Do you know a good make up artist?”
  • “Can you show me some examples of a session at {this location}?”

If you have already blogged about it, they are getting their answers right there! They will feel less anxiety about their session because you have already told them the answer to the things they wanted to know!

So I challenge you to try to write at least ONE photography session blog post this week. Better yet, leave a comment below with the link to the post you wrote and tell us the topic choices you wrote about that way we can check out each others session blog and be inspired!


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