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How To Load Actions Into Photoshop CC

How To Load Photoshop Actions

Loading actions into Photoshop is easier than you might think! If you’ve recently purchased a Cozy Clicks Photoshop Action Pack or other Photoshop actions, learn how to load them in right here! There are a couple ways to do it. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to load them in both ways. (or view the short video tutorial below)

First, unzip your actions file. (on a PC right click and click “extract all” on a mac double click.)

Next, open up your file. You want to find the action file which will have .atn at the end.

Click the .atn file.

This will open up your actions into Photoshop.


From Photoshop, select “window” in the top toolbar. Make sure “actions” is checked.

easily add your photoshop actions in to start editing

Once it is find the actions tab on the upper right hand side of the screen. (see below)

How to load actions in Photoshop

You will see several small horizontal lines near the upper right hand side. Click there.

A drop down menu will pop up. Choose “load actions”.

From there you will need to locate the folder where you saved your actions. This will most likely be in the “downloads” folder, but may be in a different location based on your settings.

In your action folder find the file the has .atn at the end. Click that and your actions will load in to Photoshop!

Now is the fun part! Have fun editing!

(Watch the short tutorial below to see how in action!)

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