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Meet Featured Cozy Clicks Guest Editing Instructor: Erin Marrero

Super excited to welcome award winning and published photographer, Erin Marrero with Through the Looking Glass Studios as our guest instructor inside the Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Editing Membership this month! Erin specializes in stylized children’s fine art portraiture. This month she is teaching you how to create fine art inside of Photoshop! Learn step by step with art as she creates art within art in this styled painterly photo!

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This is her photo you will be learning how to edit!

Learn a little more about this month’s guest editing instructor, Erin Marrero with Through the Looking Glass Studio.

How long have you been a photographer and what was the main reason you started?

It will be 3 years this August. I found my interest in photography when I started taking pictures of adoptable dogs in hopes of increasing adoptions .

What (who) are your favorite types of subjects to shoot and why?

My favorite subjects are children and animals and any combination of the two!!!

Canon vs. Nikon (or other) which one are you? Any specific reason why?

Canon, I don’t think it was anything more than the Canon ergonomics felt right in my hand.

What is your go to lens?

The lens I use most often is my Canon 200mm f2.

If you could only give 1 piece of advice to a new photographer out there, what would it be?

Do only what you love, don’t try to be a jack of all trades find what you are best at, where your strengths lie and focus your energy in that direction and you will find your success

If I gave you $1000 right now (or maybe more) to spend on photography gear, what would you buy?

A petzval lomograph 85mm

Do you have any secret tips for getting people to loosen up/smile during a shoot?

Personally I don’t shoot for a smile necessarily. I like to let people be themselves and I find that in it of itself will always make them comfortable and their true personality will shine through.

Who is your inspiration?

I believe Emily was actually the first FB photography Group I followed and after that I love the work of Elena Shumilova and Iwona Podlasinska

If you could photograph any person (dead or alive) who would that be?

Joyjah Estrada, I follow her on instagram and her freckles and wild hair are to die for!!!

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Learn from Erin this month inside the Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Editing Membership!

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