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Phoenix Children’s Photographer: “Sunny Sweet 16”


Phoenix Children’s Photographer: “Sunny Sweet 16”

So I think it’s pretty obvious by looking at a lot of my work that children are one of my favorite subjects to shoot and that’s probably because I have for my own my kids are all under 10 years old so this session was particularly fun in this sunny and sweet 16 session I photographed a beautiful 16 year old for her sweet 16 birthday present and what a fun present to have your own photo shoot as a sixteen-year-old I know I would have loved that when I was a teenager


So if you’re at a loss as to what to get your 16 year old for their birthday (and you’re thinking you don’t really want to get a car) a photo shoot is a perfect idea!!



Wardrobe is key for any photo session, but especially when you’re a sixteen-year-old. You want to have a lot of different options and you want to have a lot of different styles. In  a 1 hour photo session you can usually get in three outfits pretty comfortable and sometimes even more.  I can chat with you beforehand about what colors will work best with the location that you choose. Accessories always make for more interesting photos to so  wearing hats or jewelry or even making your nails fun colors can make your photos that much more interesting!


You can’t get any more perfect than the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park. I love shooting here because it is so beautiful and it is the perfect Arizona landscape. For this session, this gorgeous sixteen-year-old flew in from the east coast and wanted something that was totally different from anything she saw out there. The hole-in-the-rock is perfect for that with its beautiful red rocks, desert trees, palm trees and desert landscape. It makes for the perfect Arizona backdrop. See more Hole In the Rock  sessions here.


Time of Day

This sweet 16 session, like most of my photo sessions here in  Phoenix, took place about an hour before Sunset. That ensures that you will look gorgeous for your photos and the light will be the most flattering.  It’s also perfect for sunset shots. This session however was a little different. We did shoot about an hour before sunset, but it was not a bright sunny day. It was actually a little overcast and that’s okay! Overcast days are some of my favorite days to shoot. Even though you don’t have the sunsets,  the light is fantastic and will make you look your best!!

If you have a 16 year old who’s looking for a fun sweet 16 session or maybe you have a “wannabe” sixteen-year-old like two of my girls 😉  If you want to capture a child session for them   simply send me an email Emily@cozyclicks.com and we can talk about location wardrobe and availability

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