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Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer: “Finding Snow in the Desert”

Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer

Phoenix Family Photographer in Flagstaff

So what do you do when you live in the desert of Phoenix, but want snow in your photos? Well, if we waited around Phoenix for it the chances of those little white flakes actually falling down on us are like slim to none…right? So when this mom to be asked for a snowy session we headed north!

Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer


Just s few hours north of Phoenix is Flagstaff. Which if you go at the right time during the winter, has almost as much snow as the mid west. Though we hit the tail end of the snow season in Flagstaff there was still a little bit of snowfall on the ground and with a little Photoshop magic, I was able to create a more wintery wonderland for them!

Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer
Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer


Ok, so if you are native the Phoenix, you might not realize that shooting in the the snow is cold…like really cold. You don’t see it here, but her feet are actually in full on snow boots. There were lots of breaks to warm up and her adorable son (not used to the cold) was only able to tolerate a couple minutes. If you are thinking about a snowy session, it definitely can be done, but just a few things to remember!

Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer
Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer

What to Wear

Snow session are beautiful, but plan your outfits ahead of time to get the best results. Reds are always a favorite and pop of with the white of the snow. Bold colors will always contrast well. On the other end white, or very light pastel colors create a very calm, light and airy look that is also gorgeous.

Looking for more on what to wear in your next photo session? Read WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR PHOTO SESSION

Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer
Phoenix Family & Maternity Photographer

So if you are looking for family or maternity photos (or both!) in the Phoenix area or what to venture up north to the snow! Email me today and we can discuss availability, location, wardrobe and more!

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