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Phoenix Family Photographer: “Warm Embrace”

Looking for natural family posing ideas. Click here to see natural poses of this beautiful family of four in Phoenix!


Phoenix Area Family Photographer

Featured Photography SessionSibling photography embracing at Papago park in Phoenix, AZ in the summertime

The Session

This photography session was a family shoot, with a few child portraits added in too! And oh, my! These kids gave me so much to work with.  They had so much love and care for each other that you can almost feel the emotion in the photos! I was just blown away by these two. With most of my family session, I always try to get some shots with just the kids:)  The evening was just perfect too for a summertime session in Phoenix.  The slight wind and clouds gave a little bit of coolness to the usually hot Phoenix evenings.

Child photography at Papgo Park at sunset in Phoenix

The Awards

The emotion between these two children in the first shot captured here was instantly loved by the photography community.  The photo was a finalist in the July international Child Photo Competition . It also graced the cover page of Inspire- Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine on Facebook in July.  I am so grateful for the all of the positive feedback I have received from my peers!  Thank you!

Mother and Daughter portrait at the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park

The Location

One of my favorite Phoenix area locations is the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park.  Known for the red rock look, this place is popular with out of towners and locals alike! This place is full of  mountains and red rock surrounded by open desert.  There is also a lake and palm trees here to get a totally different feel!  You can take a peek at some more featured sessions from Papago park here and here!  Just make sure to note that there is a mild amount of hiking involved at this particular location.

Fmaily portrait at the Hole in the Rock near Scottsdale, AZScheduling

I am currently booking family sessions at Papago Park and at many other locations around the Phoenix area for the fall and winter season.  The majority of my session take place either an hour before sunset or at sunrise.  Please email me today to book your date!

emily@ cozyclicks.com


Family photography at the top of the mountain at Papago park near Scottsdale, AZ

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