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Phoenix Senior Graduation Photos

Senior Graduation Photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Senior Graduation Photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Are you graduation from high school are college this year? Trying to find the best photographer to take your senior graduation photos? I’d love to help! Contact me today so we can start creating your unique gradation photo experience! Emily@cozyclicks.com

Senior Graduation Photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Location: Gilbert Riparian Preserve

For this Senior college graduation photo session, we headed into Gilbert at the Riparian Preserve. (See examples of family photo sessions at this location here). This location is known for it’s many trees, huge pond and beautiful wildlife and makes for a beautiful photo location for senior photos or family photos too! Different from your typical desert landscapes in Phoenix, the Gilbert Riparian Preserve makes for a great location choice for your senior photos!

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Learn more about this Phoenix area Senior Graduation Photographer  at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve
The best Senior Graduation Photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

When To Schedule Your Senior Photos

If you are a high school senior, anytime between the summer before your senior year to the summer after is perfect! You may want to check with your high school to make sure there are no deadlines for the yearbook, then timeframe may be different. If you are gradating from college, you may want to hold off your photo session until you have your cap and gown. Cap and gown shots make for wonderful milestone photos from college grads!

Phoenix area graduation photo photographer

How Many Outfits Can I Wear?

Senior photography is a showcase of who you are during your senior year. Graduation shots focus on the celebration of completion and often times highlight what is important in your life at the time. In this session, here hard work in the nursing program is showcased through books, cap & gown and her stethoscope. While props may be appropriate for your session, they aren’t required! Some seniors choose a variety of outfits to show their style during this time. Typically 2-3 wardrobe changes are appropriate during your hour hour session.

Senior Graduation Photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

If you are looking to book graduation photos or your high school senior session, send me an email now and we can chat availability, location and wardrobe! Emily@cozyclicks.com

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