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Pro Tips For Shooting The Best Beach Photos! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #64

Pro Tips For Shooting The Best Beach Photos! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #64


How to take great beach photos. Photography tips for taking great photos at the beach.  Learn how here!

Wanna learn how to take better pictures at the beach?

My friend and pro beach photographer Brooke Modifica is just the person to teach you! Taking photos at the beach is a whole other ball game. There’s bright lights, reflections…oh and lots of water and sand! Brooke breaks down some of the best tips to think about before you even head to the beach. Plus she gets into exactly what you should be doing once you’re there shooting! Listen as Brooke shares with you exactly what you should do to take better beach photos!

Links Mentioned In the Episode:


Find the Tides

Brooke’s Go-to Beach Gear :

Canon Mark 5d iv

Sigma Art 35mm

Where to find more of Brooke!




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