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Productivity Hacks For Photographers You Wish You’d Been Using All Along

Productivity Hacks For Photographers  Get more efficent with your editing porcess and your photography business! Learn these hacks for being more productive.

Productivity Hacks For Photographers You Wish You’d Been Using All Along

I bethca you are always looking for ways to save  time, right? I am too. You want to be more productive, get more done and have more time to hang out with your kids, or just kick back and watch some Netflix.

As a photographer, there are some really easy things that you can do to get more productive with your time.  These are especially important if you are running a photography business ( or in the beginning stages), so that you set yourself up right from the beginning.

But these productivity hacks are also really important to remember for the hobbiest too as you always want more time too!

Turn OFF Social Media

This is first on the list for a reason.  And I know you know why. How many times have you fell into the rabbit hole of the internet?  What you thought was going to be a quick 5 second check in on Facebook actually sends you on a three hour surf the web trip, bouncing you around from one article to the next.  When you are editing, shooting, getting back to client emails… whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish …keep social media turned off. You’ll be amazed how almost instantly you get more time back!

Productivity Hacks For Photographers

Organize and Automate

This one is a BIG one for the photography business owners, and ESPECIALLY for those of you who are new or in the beginning stages of starting your business.  Invest a little bit of money into your business right away to help you with organizing an automation (you’ll thank me for this one later) Doing this will help you BIG TIME when you start to get more clients and a more consistent stream of business.  I know it might not seem like it will ever get there, but trust me it will and if you’ve set yourself up with a system or program in the beginning to help you with scheduling, contracts, payments, emails, etc., everything will be so much smoother.

(Honeybook is what I use and is my choice for a great all in one system for photographers.  You can check it out here, get a free trial & 50% off your first year if you like it)

Productivity Hacks For Photographers

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Do One Thing At A Time

Feel like you have so much to do, but it never gets done?  Long list of editing, trying to learn new Photoshop techniques, wanting to get out there and shoot and practice, anxious to play around with a new lens?  When you try and “fit it all in” , a lot of times you just give up. Pick one thing to focus on doing at a time. Maybe one a day- or week- or hour. Just don’t try to do it all.

Productivity Hacks For Photographers

Learn With Purpose

You’re a  creative person and I bet a go getter too. Am I right? You want to learn all there is to know about photography.  Trouble is, there is so much to learn. Sometimes you might feel a little overwhelmed and burnt out trying to learn it all.  Don’t. Focus on a few things, get really clear and then move forward. You’ll find you learn much more learning little bits at a time than when you try to cram everything in at once.

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Productivity Hacks For Photographers

Use Actions

Ok, so I have to add this one in here.  Not just because I create Photoshop actions, but because I use them ALL.THE.TIME.  Not only will they speed up your editing time, but they will give you so much more consistency in your editing.  Plus, as a bonus, actions help you start to and continue to understand Photohsop and the different things you can do inside of it!


More Doesn’t Always Equal More

Ok, so this one kinda goes back to what I’ve been telling you all along.  As humans we tend to believe that the MORE we do, the MORE time we spend, the MORE tasks we take on will equal MORE results.  Can you relate? 

Truth is the more you try to get done, the less effective you will be.  Give yourself a break. Take time to breathe. Reward yourself for your results that you’ve achieved this far.  You’ll get there.

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Hacks for photographers to help them with productivity in their business and editing.  Learn more tips for new photographers here!
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