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The 2018 Cozy Clicks 52 Week Photography Challenge

The 2018 Cozy Clicks 52 Week Photo Challenge

Get your creative energy flowing and come join me and 20,000+ other photographers worldwide in this fun and friendly weekly challenge!


The Cozy Clicks 52 week challenge is created for photographers of ALL skill levels. So if you just got a new camera this holiday season or if you’ve been at it for 30 years, have fun and take part with us over in the Photography: Support, Learn & Inspire with Cozy Clicks  Facebook Group.  This challenge is meant to help you learn, grow and gain the confidence to share your work as an artist.

How to Participate

It’s easy to participate, simply enter a photo that relates to the week’s theme.  You can do this by adding your submission under the “OFFICIAL WEEKLY CHALLENGE” thread in the FB group. This thread is typically near the top of the group feed, but if you can’t locate it, use the search bar and type in OFFICIAL WEEKLY CHALLENGE to locate the challenge thread. (Don’t have a Facebook account? You can still participate on Instagram too! Simply tag your entry #cozyclicks52 for a chance to be featured on Instagram and the blog!)


The top photo of the week, as voted on by your peers, will earn the featured photo spot for the next week’s challenge + 10 more favorite photos will be selected to be featured on the Cozy Clicks Blog so your work can be showcased to a larger audience!

Top 10 photos are NOT always based on votes and may be selected based on creativity, growth or interpretation of the theme. So don’t feel that you can’t win just because you’re a newbie! This is open for all skill levels!

This challenge is a fun way to get you out there practicing , shooting, thinking a little differently and getting more comfortable sharing your work!


Look below for the all new list of next year’s themes to get you thinking ahead early. (You’ll see some old favorites as well as many new themes!)  And NEW this year is the “WEEKLY FAVORITE” theme.  During these weeks, photos must be current pictures taken during that week!

New challenges and winner will be posted in the group every WEDNESDAY of the week.  Photos can be submitted through the following Tuesday. The photo with the most likes, as voted on by group members, will earn the featured photo spot.  Week one starts Wednesday, January 3rd.Photoshop actions, presets and courses


Have fun shooting! Can’t wait to see what you can do this year!  To see many of last years favorites click here.



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