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The Beginners Guide To Blogging For Your Photography Business: EVERYTHING you need to know!

How to blog a photogrpahy session what should you write


The Beginners Guide To Blogging For Your Photography Business: EVERYTHING you need to know!


Ugh, why should you blog? You’re a photographer right, not a writer? Writing is too hard and it’s so much easier just to take beautiful pictures.


I totally get it. I was once in your shoes too. I’d heard about this crazy blogging thing, but didn’t really think it was for me. I was an artist, I thought. I can just post on Facebook or Instagram my pictures and that’s all I really need to do.

Well, guess what, I caved, I fell into the hype of “blogging” years ago.

I was totally blind about what exactly I would write about or how to even get started. But ya know what, it was the best decision I ever made.(<—-I want to make sure you read that last line, again if you have to) Blogging allowed me to connect with different families and new clients across the country on a regular basis, find clients from all over the world and build a portrait business from the ground up without spending a ton on marketing.


*Some of this links in this post may be affiliate links- which means that there is NO additional cost to you if you click on them.? Most likely you’ll probably get a pretty sweet deal too AND supporting companies that I have used and loved…and me too!


Who Should Blog

If you are a photographer who shares their work anywhere ( social media, with clients, with family, galleries) you should have your own platform for showcasing your work- this is your blog. And if you are a photographer with a business, then you DEFINITELY should have one.


What Should You Blog

Photos AND text (I know what you’re thinking.please, no writing) Writing is super important though, and we?ll cover that in just a minute.


Who Is Your Audience

That is for you to think about. Are you a hobbyist looking to show to art galleries what you can produce? Do you want to start portrait business and take family shots? Interested in working with newborns or maternity? Or maybe you just want to share your work with family and friends? Think about who your audience is and that will help you tremendously when figuring out what to write!


What Should You Write

This is the big one I know. Think about that last paragraph. When you write- think about the WHO (your audience) . If you are just writing to show your family, then write a paragraph explaining your work. What was your inspiration? Why do you think they’d like to see it? Where were you at?

If you are creating a post to show potential clients what you can produce, then add something in writing as well! Tell them about the location, or time of day. Tell a story about the session or explain what you love about the styling in the photos. The more you can write the better.


How Much Should You Write

According to Google, aim for at least 300 words in your post. Keep it relevant and try to add in words that you think people would be searching for (For example: Phoenix Family Photographer)

The Beginners Guide To Blogging For Your Photography Business: EVERYTHING you need to know!

Why Should You Blog

Blogging is a way to connect with people on a deeper level. It lets you share with your family or friends OR it let’s potential customer out there know that you are open for business. In addition, it will help drive your website up to the first page of Google (this can take a few months)


How to Get Started

If it’s a personal blog, don’t invest too much hard earned cash into starting one up. There are a lot of templates and sites out there that are even free. That’s perfect if you’re just looking to show your family on the other side of the country. 

BUT (and this is a big but), if you are looking to start a business OR you already have one, I would HIGHLY (did I write that big enough) suggest not going to free route. For starters, it looks waaaay more professional to have your own site. And most importantly, Google loves it when you have your own domain. Your posts will rank higher and get seen by more people which eventually will lead to more clients. (trust me on this one, it?s one of the main ways that people find my business).



You’ll have to get a domain and you can do that pretty cheap. I’ve always really loved iPage and you can get started for pretty inexpensive by checking them out here. Then you’ll need a template.

OR You could also check out for domains AND site building. Some of the plans start at 5 bucks so you can’t really beat that. (btw- you can stay on their domain and use the free version, but like I mentioned earlier, if you are a business start from the beginning with your OWN domain, super important!)


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So there you have it! I challenge you to start your own blog today, and when you do feel free to post a link to your post in the comments here so we can all see it!

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