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(An Interview with Shannon Liebrock) The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #190

Listen in today as Emily chats with past student Shannon Liebrock on the lows and highs of her photography journey with high school senior and sports photography.

Shannon gets very candid about the super easy (and free!) marketing strategy she used to book 83 clients in one year. It’s so easy to do…you could try it in your business too!

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Free photography business class! https://www.cozyclicks.com/businessclass

More about Shannon:

I started in 1994 as a mom just wanting to learn to take better pictures of my kids and it grew from there. I took a long hiatus (about 13 years) and went back to it about 9 years ago. I focus primarily on high school seniors and high school/college sports photography. I photograph approximately 80 seniors per year and cover ASU football/basketball for Sports360Az along with several high schools.

Where to find her:


On Instagram @liebrockphotography1

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