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The Silly Reasons We Don’t Have Photos Taken

Phoenix Family Photographer  Ahwatukee based photographer Top rated!

Phoenix Family Photographer

When it the last time YOU had pictures taken? Has it been awhile… has it been ever?

Having family photos taken may seem like a luxury purchase or service. It’s not one that always comes top of mind or might even be something you intentionally push to the back of your mead.

Family photos seem like a great idea but then these thoughts pop up:

  • first I need to loose weight
  • then I have to shop for new clothes for everyone
  • it seems expensive
  • I don’t know if my kids will listen
  • I don’t think I can get my husband on board
  • What if I don’t like the way they look
  • I’m unsure of the process and how it all works

Have you thought any of these things before?

Ahwatukee photographer for kids and families

It’s easy to put off photography, because you make a lot of silly excuses for yourself. Yes, I said it: silly. And even though I’m a photographer myself, I make up the same excuses!

It’s hard for me getting in front of the camera. But over the years as both a mom and a professional photographer I’ve learned a lot of things.

  1. There never is a perfect time to have photos taken
  2. Your kids will not care what your weight is when they look back at the photos of you…they will just see you.
  3. Though clothes can be an important part of a shoot, you will look at the FACES of your family most.
  4. Time keeps going by. If you wait too long, there may not be an opportunity again.
  5. Have pro photos is not as hard as you might think
  6. There is a perfect photographer from every family
  7. Yes. Your kids might not behave…but you’ll still get a lot of super cute, true to life photos that you’ll love for years.
  8. They might not turn out perfect…but really, is any family?
Phoenix Family Photographer at Pima Canyon Trailhead

And even though I too prefer being behind the camera, every so often I make the time to get in front of it with my kids too! Every photo here is of my girls and I taken my the lovely Dallas based photographer, @its.sri.devi.t.photos

The best photographer for family in Phoenix, AZ

Since you are reading this now, this must be your sign that it is time to schedule YOUR family pictures! And lucky for you I know just the perfect Phoenix family photographer! Email me today to book your Phoenix area family photo session! Emily@cozyclicks.com

Ahwatukee photographer in 85044 and 85048  Best for family and kids
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