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The Stay Focused Podcast #6: Successfully Photographing And Working With Large Groups

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #6:?Successfully Photographing And Working With Large Groups

Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of the stay focused podcast! I’m Emily Supiot ?and I am truly thankful and happy you are here with me again listening to the podcast this week. This week we’re going to be talking about how to work with large groups, but more specifically, how to successfully work with large groups.

I know with my four kids and my husband if we were to hire a photographer to work with us it would be kind of a big deal because there’s a lot a lot of us. We are a big group. Big groups are usually anything over 5 individuals.

Large groups could be extended families where Grandma or Grandpa wants to also be included in the picture or more than that, maybe several families where it’s Grandma and Grandpa plus their four kids and their grandkids and maybe a couple other aunts and uncles or brothers or sisters that are in there too. Large groups can consist of 20 or 25 or more people and when you get them all together, working with large groups is no joke. It is difficult and it is tricky but there are things that you can do to set yourself up for success.

On today’s episode we’re going to be we’re going to be covering some of the biggest obstacles that you might find when working with large groups. I’m going to share with you what you need to do before your session even starts when you’re working with a large group and then how you can be successful during the session. ?We?re also going to cover pricing. This is very important that you price yourself correctly because like I said it, is a big task working the day of the session, before the session and then when the editing comes in. There’s a lot that’s involved with working with a large group so you want to make sure you?re pricing yourself correctly.

The Stay Focused Podcast #6: Successfully Photographing And Working With Large Groups

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The Stay Focused Podcast #6: Successfully Photographing And Working With Large Groups

Working with large groups is no joke.? It is a lot of work, before the session, during the session and editing the session.? There is a lot involved.? You want to make sure that you are setting yourself up for success right from the beginning or things can go down hill and pretty fast.

Before the Session:? Get as much info as you possible can. The more you know = the better prepared you are.? This episode touches on a lot of the questions you should be asking.? You can also download the freebie at the end of the show notes which is a pdf questionnaire that you can send directly to your clients.

During the Session:? The biggest take away here is that you remain confident and in control.? Letting others take over the session is a ticket to Disasterville. <—Have you been there??

After:? Editing these big group session take a lot of time.? Make sure you are pricing yourself correctly to take that into account.? This episode discusses how you should charge for large group sessions.


If you’re over on Instagram make sure to tag #thestayfocusedpodcast or you can mention me, my handle is @cozyclicks that way I can see the work that you’re creating and the large groups that you’ve photographed!?

The Stay Focused Podcast #6: Successfully Photographing And Working With Large Groups

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Your FREEBIE?Questionnaire ! Download this PDF to ask clients OR send it directly to them to get all the info YOU need to be successful!

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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!

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