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The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #11: The Details in Your Photos You HAVE to Watch Out For!

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #11: The Details in Your Photos You HAVE to watch out for!


Hi Everyone! It’s Emily and welcome back to another episode of the Stay Focused Podcast! I always love hanging out with you every week so I’m glad you’re back again. I think we’re going to have fun on today’s episode because we’re talking all things detail. Some of those details are a little embarrassing, so you’re going to want to keep listening to find out!

The details in portrait photography can really make an outstanding photo, but on the flip side of that, if you’re not paying attention to the details in a photo, it can take a photo that would have been great and make it not so amazing. Details are definitely one of the most important things to pay attention to when you start shooting your portraits.



Today’s episode is all about those little details.

Tell me this is happened to you before….

have you ever gone out and taken photos and then come back later or the next day and started looking through your computer at all the photos and you see something and you just think “oh man, why didn’t I see THAT earlier. It is going to take me FOREVER to edit that out.” Yeah… me too.

BUT if you know beforehand some of the common details to really look out for, it will so help you out in the long run. So let me break down details that have got me in the past that I always pay attention to now when I’m shooting.



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The details you have to watch out for when photographing people. Great photography tips for new photographers wanting to take better pictures!


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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!






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