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Understanding Instagram REELS: Photographer Edition! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #91

Understanding Instagram REELS: Photographer Edition! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #91


Understanding how to use and create instagram reels. Learn how to create instagram reels and why it is so importrant for your photography business!

Confused by IG Reels?

Well, my friend, you are not alone. Instagram recently unrolled their new “reels” feature…as if we needed something else to try and figure out!, am I right?! If you use Instagram to showcase your photography skills or use it to try and gain clients for your business, using reels is something you just might want to give a try. And I am talking with master video creator, Julianna Jessica today who is giving you a mini lesson in all thing Instagram reels! Take a listen here so you know just what to do!


Meet Julianna:

After 12 Years of working as a photographer and producing video content for many businesses. Julianna is obsessed with everything video. She on a mission to empower bosses to show up confidently and create visuals that are not boring. 

She digs deep into the buyer’s journey, by tapping into the feelings and emotions that move people to take actions.

Julianna now lives remotely but will be moving to Austin soon to build a life she has been dreaming of since she was 18. 

Links Mentioned In the Episode:


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