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What Should I Write? Copywriting 101 For Photographers | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #77

What Should I Write? Copywriting 101 For Photographers | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #77

Copywriting for photographers  What words shoul dI say in my Instagram captions or on my website?  LEarn what to say in your writing and copy from creative copywriter Kaitlin Senter.

What in the world should I be writing….?

Your words are important. And I know, I know…as a photographer, you probably don’t really love to write, you love the visual– the pictures! BUt your works and what you write and super important for you as a brand and business.  It helps people learn more about who you really are as a photographer.  Learn today from creative copywriter, Kaitlin Senter ad she helps you with the basics of copywriting for photographers!

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www.strikingconversation.com <—grab some of Kaitlin’s freebies & resources here!


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