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What You NEED to Do If Taking Pictures in A Public Place {5 in 5}

The Stay Focused Podcast #180

This episode is for BOTH new and advanced photographers because so often I witness all types of photographers doing these 5 things and it drives me crazy.

It’s a privilege for photographers out there that there are a lot of public places that we are able to shoot at. Right? It’s like our own outdoor studio that we don’t have to pay rent on.

BUT, because (most of the time) it’s free for us to use these parks, and trails, and sidewalks as a backdrop for our wonderful photos there are things we MUST DO as photographers, whether you are hired by someone or just out there practicing with your new DSLR.

Now to be fair, some of you might just not know ( or realize you’re doing ) some of these things. And honestly, I may have been guilty of one or two of these things at some point. But now you’ll know.

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