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What? You want me to get on video! Getting Comfortable IN FRONT of the Camera

The Stay Focused Podcast: An Interview with Rick Toone

From Los Angeles to the Caribbean, videographer Rick Toone joins us today talking with you not only about how to get comfortable in front of video but oh so much more…

As someone who has been in the entertainment industry for decades shooting everything from super bowl commercials to some of the biggest A-list Hollywood stars, Rick knows a thing or two about how to be successful in FRONT of the camera.

In this episode he dives deep into teaching you:

*why using video is now a must 

*how to incorporte storytelling & messaging in your video

*how to find your target market and then take them on the customer journey

*teaches you how great video does NOT require an investment in gear




Grab Rick’s free e-book!: http://bit.ly/Lookgreatonvideowithnocost

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