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Why You Need a Simple Editing Process

Why You Need a Simple Editing Process  Learn a step by step process to making Photoshop seem more easy.  Create style and consistency in your pictures when editing!

You know that feeling when you pop that memory card into your computer and start culling through the photos you just took?

Hopefully it’s a good feeling for you: excitement, pride, wonder, joy!

(And yes, I know that there will always be those few shots that aren’t your best work …but we’ll just forget about those shots for now)

But what about the feeling you get when you pull those photos into Photoshop to edit?

​Do you ever feel…:


A. Nervous: You have no idea what you’re doing

B. Puzzled: You don’t know how to get consistency in your editing

C. Confused: You don’t edit with a “style” that you like yet

D. Overwhelmed: There is so much going on inside Photoshop how will you ever get your pictures to look the way you want!

If you were just shaking your head yes to any of these choices, then we need to change that!

Photoshop should feel fun! It’s a tool to help you create what you envision and bring it to life.

Gain confidence in the way you shoot & edit!

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    The thing is, most new photographers (and even some master ones) let those original feelings of nervousness or overwhelm get in their way.

    When in fact, all you really need is a simplified process of learning.

    Here is what you need to do to bring that fun and excitement into editing:​

    1. Don’t try to learn it all at once. Start with the basics and master those.
    2. Create a learning plan for yourself and stick with it. Take a an online course, enroll in a class at your local college, read a Photoshop book, or learn a tutorial each week on YouTube (here’s a fun one to learn!) ​
    3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all start somewhere and don’t expect to create the exact same style work as someone that’s been practicing for 20 years.
    4. Celebrate each time you learn something new inside of Photoshop.
    5. Share your progress with people that are positive and make you feel comfortable.
    6. If it starts to feel too confusing, take a break and come back to it again later.
    7. Keep at it. You’ve got this.


    If you’d like to learn Photoshop with me in a simple way, join me inside the Ultimate Pro Editing Academy! I help you with live classes every week + a whole lot more, so that you see the most progress in your editing skills in quickest amount of time! Learn more.

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