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5 Essential Things You Need to Do On Instagram As A Photographer : The Friday Five!

5 Essential Things You Need to Do On Instagram As A Photographer

5 Things You Need To Do On Instagram As A Photographer

So if you’ve been anywhere near a smartphone over the last few years (is there anyone who hasn’t), you probably heard of a little app called Instagram. Well, that little app is not so little anymore. It’s actually quite powerful when it comes to showing off your photography and marketing your business.

I’ve kinda fallin’ in love with Instagram lately as one of my favorite social media platforms. It’s more of a community than ever before and a place where you can really shine. Here are 5 things I’ve learned about Instagram over the years that you need to do as a photographer. (These may be a little more relevant to those of you with a photography business, but do still apply if you’re a hobbyist or just starting out!)

Create An Account

Ok, I’ve gotta just get this one outta the way. If you haven’t started an Instagram account for your photography, you should. This is the platform to be on. Long gone are the days when you could just create a Facebook business page and whoever liked your page would see your work. Not only that, but more and more people are choosing Instagram over Facebook. Plus, it’s a platform that is extremely visual, making it the ideal choice for photographers.

Post Daily

Whoa there, before you start going post happy loading all your pictures up. Stop. Just because you should post everyday does not mean you should post 10 shots all in a row. Or even 5 for that matter. Focus on posting your best work and posting 1 or 2 times daily. (And if you skip a day or two every now and then, it’s not a big deal)

Add A Caption

I know, I know, you’re a photographer right? You’re not a writer. And writing doesn’t come to you that easy. It?s so much easier just to post a picture and write “Happy Friday” or ?”Isn’t she cute?” Well, the thing about Instagram is that it’s become more of a community, a place to chat with others, to find out about the people who want to follow your work and for them to get to know you. If you aren’t writing a caption they’ll never learn about you and connect more with what your work is all about. Next time you post a photo, take a minute to add more words, talk about your gear, how you felt during the session, why you love the location…think outside the box and really push yourself to get a caption in there.


Post Even If You Don’t Have Clients

I hear this a lot from photographers: What If I don’t have clients? This isn’t my busy season, what am I supposed to post then? Guess what? Instagram doesn’t have to be a constant stream of client work! It’s actually quite the opposite! Post pictures of you, behind the scene shots, quotes that resonate with you, your daily life, your family, your work space, old favorite photos, get creative!

Have Fun With It

This one is the most important thing you need to do. Remember at the end of the day, that it is just an app on your smartphone! Interact with others and be inspired by different photographers. Hey, you might even meet some friends! DO NOT judge yourself by how many followers you have, or how many comments are left on you photo. Don’t spend your time worrying who is following or un-following you. Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s account. If that starts to happen, give yourself a time out, and come back to it when you’re ready to have fun again!

I?d love to hang out with you on Instagram too! Come follow me @cozyclicks and leave me a quick comment on any of my photos so I’ll know where I can follow you too!

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