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5 Secrets to Success as a Photographer

5 secrets to success as a photographer  Learn how to be a successful photographer with these  all access tips!

When I was young I used to think that being successful meant that you made lots of money, had a big mansion and fancy cars.

Maybe you’ve already realized this too, but as I get older I know that this isn’t true.There are secrets to success that took me time to realize.

It’s the same with being a successful photographer.  

Being a successful photographer does NOT mean the same thing to everyone.  It’s not necessarily a booked business calendar or published recognition.

Here’s 5 secrets to help with YOUR photography success

#1  Being happy with what you are doing

You are successful when you feel happy doing what you love to do.  So if you feel joy from taking pictures of your own kids, creating a photography business, or just creating art, then no matter how long you have been a photographer…you are a success!  Happiness = success

#2 Embracing what YOU want 

You might feel like you need to jump on the biggest trends in photography, the newest editing style or the must have gear that everyone seems to be talking about.  Here’s the truth though:  If that trend or style doesn’t resonate with you …you don’t have to do it.  Practice the photography that YOU love.  This past episode of the Stay Focused Podcast might help ya out with embracing your creativity.

#3 Taking the time to keep learning…always

Learning doesn’t stop.  No matter what level of photographer you are, there is always something new to learn, to try or work on.  Always be looking for ways to grow, evolve and make yourself even better!  Here’s a quick tutorial on posing large groups.

#4 Comparing yourself only to yourself

This is a big one right here.  Successful photographers only compare themselves to the photographer they used to be.  Look at your growth and your progress.  Your individual growth just oozes success! Be proud of that!

#5 Take breaks

It’s OK to stop for a bit.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or just out of inspiration give yourself permission to take a break.  Success does NOT mean that you push yourself as hard as you can or you are working at something constantly to no end.  If you need some time to recharge….take that time! It will only help you continue your path to success.

So smile, have fun and enjoy what you are doing…you are already a success!

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