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Large Family Photographer in Phoenix

Large Family Photographer in Phoenix

Large Group Family Photography

Capturing photos of the entire family is something you may have thought about doing…but haven’t gotten around to…YET! If your extended family is together this year, why not remember the time together? Email me today to book your Phoenix Area Large Family Session!

Large Families

A large family session is two or more single families over 5 individuals. This might mean grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins get to join in on the fun. Extended family photoshoots will typically include the full group plus smaller breakout poses of individual groups too, just like in this session here! Photos can be of single families, grandparents and gradkids, all the kids…and more!

Time Of Day

Like most family sessions, extended family photo shoots typically occur about an hour before sunset to ensure that the light is most flattering. This large family photo shoot is a perfect example of how pretty the sunset shows through at this time. There are locations that are more flexible. If a different time is needed, we can work together to choose an outdoor Phoenix location with the best light for your family!

Want to Book Your Large Group Photo Shoot?

Booking your session is easy! Start by sending me an email with the number of people in your large group and a date range when you would like your session to be. Together we can pick the best date, time and the best location for your extended family photo shoot!

Curious to see more extended family photo session examples? Look here!

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