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Can Photographers Also Be Influencers?: Here’s How!

Use Your Photography Skills to Grow as an Influencer!

You spend a lot of time posting all your pretty pictures on places like Instagram and Pinterest hoping for likes or comments…or maybe even a few clients that will pay you to take their picture.

But could you use your photography skills to grow and make money as an influencer?  It’s totally possible! (Here’s one fine art and travel photographer who did it here)

You have an advantage, because as a photographer  you already have those creative juices running through you that brands are always looking for. 


And the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer, have a full time business or have years of experience to grow as an influencer.

The world of influencers has grown huge over the past few years.   You’ve watched it happen yourself, right?

Everytime you post one of your photos on Instagram it’s probably followed by at least one post of someone promoting a brand.  Wouldn’t that be cool if you could do it too?

I always wondered how I could take my love for photography and find even more ways that I could also make money with it.  I never really thought of myself as an influencer, but knew that I could take a good picture…and I know that you can too! So how can a photographer start to become an influencer?

Here’s three ways to get started (that worked wonders for me!)

  1. Reach Out To Local Business

This is a great way to get started. Local businesses are a little more personal and easier to get a hold of the decision maker.  It’s a bonus too if you reach out to a business in your area that you really like and actually do business with.  

Let the owner know you love their business and see if they are looking for photos of their business or of people like you shopping in their business to post on social media.

  1. Think Bigger- Reach Out To Big Brand That You Love

Is there a brand you would love to promote?  Maybe make up your love or a certain type of protein bar that you always buy.  Send an email to that brand and see if they are looking for influencers! Let them know that you are a photographer and also a customer! It just might lead to a collaboration!

  1. Join an Influencer platform

There are a lot of these out there nowadays.  Some require you to have more followers than others, so you want to read the fine lines before signing up. To find a list of these, just simply do a  google search for influencer platforms and start signing up.  This is a great way to start seeing brands who are looking to work with influencers that are just like you!

If you are still unsure what to post or how to market to an audience as an influencer, check out these tips here.

The biggest step is just taking the first one.  Get out there, make connections and make things happen for yourself! 

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