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Fun Projects to Do With Your Children- “Goop!” {Special Blog Post}

Fun Kid’s Projects to Do at Home

Welcome to the blog!  If you’re just visiting, this is primarily a child and family photography blog.  However, because of my background with children, I have included something special throughout my site which combines my love for photography and kids!  Every month I share with you one of my favorite activities to try at home with your little ones.  And of course, I take pictures to illustrate how fun these projects are.  To see more posts with fun things to try at home with your children visit here.





Smocks (you may get messy!)

Acitivities to do with your children insideThis is a fun and totally sensory activity for kids to do at home when it is too hot to play outside.  One of the best parts of this project is that it’s super cheap.  You can get a box of cornstarch at the store for under a dollar and your kids will be occupied for a long time with this creation!
Mixing cornstarch and water makes a fun kids project

I should disclose that this activity can be pretty messy, so make sure you prepare your kitchen table and clothes for the possibility of a mess.  Give you child an large amount of cornstarch in a container and slowly add water.  It is better to have too little water at first than too much.  Once there is too much water in the mixture it won’t work.  The goop should have a slightly solid consistency.  The cool thing about this good is that it is both a solid and liquid! Have your child explore what happens to this creation with held tight in their grasp and when released.Fun stuff to do inside with your childrenTo add to the fun of this project, you can get creative and add things to your goop.  We put in a little bit of glitter after some time and made predictions to see what might happen.  Then, to make this activity more sensory oriented, we added a touch of food coloring to make the goop different colors!Making goop with your kidsSnesory projects for children to do in Phoenix when it's hot out

Give it a try and let me know how it went! Make sure to check out my portfolio too when you are ready to update those child or family portraits!


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