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Phoenix Children’s Photographer- Two Little Girls, One Big Mountain!

Phoenix Children’s Photographer

It’s so fun to photograph a children’s session.  Kid’s portraits are a lot of fun to do.  Kids give so many different expressions that you never know what to expect.  It makes for a fun and eventful photography shoot.  It’s double the fun when there are tow little girls to take pictures of!

The Kids

These two girls were super photogenic! It made my job easy.  They were quick to give smiles and playfully explore around the Phoenix area mountain.   Just check out below to see all of their expressions.
Cute four year old portraits taken in Phoenix, AZKids Portraits in Phoneix at the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park Toddler portraits done in Phoneix at the Mountain near the Zoo

The Location

Papago park in Central Phoenix is a favorite for many of my clients.  It is characterized by crimson mountains and green palms.  This was a perfect setting for these two ladies, who were able to make the hike up the hole in the rock.  They even made it all the way to the top!

Children's Photography in Phoenix silhouette shot on mountain

The Light

This session, like many of my photography sessions was taken close to sunset.  This provides soft subtle light that is not harsh on the face for portraits.  It creates a warm glow which shines through in the photos.

Kids portraits taken in Phoneix in the usmmertime at papago Park near the Phoenix ZooBig smile on four year old girl.  Children's photographer portrait in PhoneixToddler Pictures on a bridge in Phoenix, Arizona

Kids grow up quick! Contact me today to schedule your custom children’s Photography session around the Phoenix area.  Together, we will create the perfect look, location and style. Email me at emily@cozyclicks.com


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  • Maria ManjeloJuly 22, 2015 - 8:38 pm

    These are amazing sister photographs. The colors, the glow, love it! Great job!ReplyCancel

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