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Phoenix Children’s Photographer- “Lollipops and Two Year Portraits”

How to Take Great Two Year Portraits

Cute smile of two year old boy with his lollipop for two year old portrait photosTwo year old portraits are important because they mark an important milestone! So much has happened in the past two years.  They’ve learned to sit, walk, talk and now that they are two they are probably even running!  Read below to find out how to make your two year portrait session as successful one. If your child is turning two soon, send me an email to schedule their two year portrait session! You know it will be a fun one!

Easy ways to get great looking portraits of your two year oldSmiling boy in two year portrait in Ahwatukee near Phoenix, AZ


Simple props make for fun variety in your two year portrait sessions   Here, a lollipop is used  for a couple reasons.  One, is that lollipops photograph well. They are bright and colorful and add some flair to the photos.  Next, they can be used as a bribe.  Two year olds don’t always want their picture taken.  Giving them some extra incentive helps to make to experience more fun and exciting for them!  Some other fun food props could include: ice cream cones, marshmallows, watermelon, colorful cupcakes, strawberries or apples.  While food props are fun and make a unique twist on your two year portrait session, you should make sure to include them  near the end of the session because they just might cause a little mess!

Candid photograph of tow year old licking a lollipop for his two year portraitTwo year portraits with lollipop in the setting sunbeautiful two year portrait photos in Phoenix of toddler with a lollipop

The Session

Two year portrait sessions might make you feel a little anxious.  You probably already know that your toddler has a mind of their own and might not listen during the session.  Remember to just relax! Your two year old is just that- TWO! They will most likely run around, explore, make all kind of expressions that are not smiles.  But guess what?  That is what twill make the two year old portrait so cute and memorable.  Just sit back and let your two year old be two!

Phoneix photographer captures two year old in the best children's photography

The Location

To have a successful two year portrait session make sure to choose your location carefully.  This session was taken in a very small neighborhood wash.  there was some room from him the sun around in, but not so much room where he could easily escape! It was a familiar area to him.  The session was taken later in the evening when the light is ideal.  Two year olds may not always sit and pose where the photographer thinks the light is beat, and they will probably move quite a bit.  Shooting your session when the light is always nice will give you lots of flexibility!

Close up two year old portrait children's photography in Phoenix Two year old portriat of boy smiling with a lolipop in Phoenix, AZ neighborhood park

To see more two year old portrait sessions, take a peek here! For more tips on photographing toddlers or general photography tutorials look here! For more info on basic pricing packages or to schedule a session, email me today! emily@cozyclicks.com


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