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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Photos Look More Professional


Learn photography tips for making your photos look more professional. Easy to follow even if you are not a professional photographer!

You probably take pictures all the time and you are looking for easy ways to make photos professional looking, am I right? I’m sure you take photos on your phone or your new DSLR camera, but they don’t always come out looking the best.

Whether you are a new photographer or just a parent looking to take nicer photos, try out these 3 tips and your photos will start to appear more polished and professional looking! Here are 3 easy ways you can get your photos to look more professional.

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3. Watch the Limb Chops

You know you have done this before. Scroll through your phone or take a look at the session you just shot paying attention to just the arms and legs of your subjects. Did you chop some hands off? A foot? Part of their head? We’ve all done it, but if you are looking for your photos to look more professional, you want to avoid this at all costs! Pay close attention BEFORE you press that shutter to make sure that the person you are taking a picture of is completely in the frame.

How to make your photos look more professional using these 3 easy tricks

(shot with the Canon 135mm 2.0)

2. Look at the Light

If you want your photos to look like the pros, you have to pay attention to the light. And the good news…you don’t need a fancy lighting set up at all! Far from that, you can just use the natural light around you.

That is what I do for my professional photography sessions all the time. What you need to do it pay attention to how the light is hitting your subject.

Is it right in their face?

They’re probably squinting if it is, and that won’t look nice.

Is there dappled light on them?

This will look like splotchy patches of shade and sun. That doesn’t look flattering either.

Try to aim for solid, smooth light over the person you are shooting, like in the photo below. (notice the light is behind her, so she is not squinting, nor does she have patchy shade over her face)

Goregous child headshot with light behind her in Phoenix child photography session

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1. Straighten it Out!

This is such an easy thing you can do that will make your photos look so much better! Look at the horizon line first and before you take the shot- straighten out your camera! Don’t see the horizon? Look at lines of buildings or other architecture around and make it straight. Doing this will make you pictures look so much nicer. If you weren’t paying attention during the shot, you can always fix it super easy in Photoshop. Watch how below.

I hope you’ve learned some easy ways to make photos professional.

If you are ready to start seeing a change in your photos, using your camera more confidently and loving the pictures you take, join me in one of the Cozy Clicks online photography courses. See them all here!

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    Learn photography tips for making your photos look more professional. Easy to follow even if you are not a professional photographer!

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