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Phoenix Children’s Photographer Video Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials

Being a children’s photographer in Phoenix is so much fun! I love working with kids and seeing their smiles and expressions.  Once your photo session is over, however, that is when my job begins.  Retouching photos is one of my favorite parts of the process.  In this section of my blog, I will show you some of the steps of my retouching process.  As a mom and past teacher, I naturally love to educate, so hopefully this will help all of those photographers who have peeked in on my blog and help them with their workflow.  See more of my tutorials here.

I love this photo by the way.  Her smile, those curls and the innocence of Supergirl! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.  What’s fun about this shot is that it was very spur of the moment too.  She totally styled herself in this costume and poured on the charm with that superhero smile!  Because it was so unplanned, this is also the reason the original had so many objects that weren’t appealing.  Watch below to see what I mean.

Phoneix children's Photographer captures little girl in a cute super girl costume.

Removing Unwanted Objects From Your Photos

In this video tutorial, I show you some really easy ways to remove the eyesores in your pictures that you want out of there!  See the before and after of this photo and how in just minutes I transformed it into a composition that is much more pleasing.  I’m always adding more tutorials to my YouTube channel.  I’d love if you’d subscribe to my new channel on YouTube so you can be the first to see my newest tutorials as I get them up.  Thanks for watching!

If you are interested in booking a child portrait session  contact me at emily@cozyclicks.com

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