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Phoenix Family and Child Photographer- Searching for Locations

Other than photographing your actually family session, part of my job as a photographer is also making sure I have options for your location based on the look you were going for.  Many families, especially those from out of town, prefer the natural desert Phoenix landscape.  And why not, we are in Arizona!  The Phoenix area had a lot more to offer though and you may be interested in a more urban look, vintage feel, mountains or park setting.  I am always out and about looking for great photo spots.  When you contact me as a client, we work together to come up with an area that works for you based on how far you’d like to travel and the background you’d like.  I often email clients links from my blog from previous sessions so that you can see the results from different areas.  Here is a spot that I stumbled upon that would make for a gorgeous family, child or maternity photo location.  Here is a pull back video so if you are trying to decide on where you’d like your photos, this might be an option for you!

It is located not far from Phoenix in the Northeast part of the Valley.  Contact me today of you are interested in this area or if you’d like to discuss different options for you family photography session!  I look forward to hearing from you.



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