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Phoenix Maternity Photographer: Adventurous Momma!


To the East of Phoenix in Tonto National Forest is a beautiful little campground called Coon Bluff.  This area is like stepping outside of the Phoenix desert for a little while. The salt River flows through the campground and a t many time of the year, is low enough where you can step right into it (if you’re feeling adventurous!)  There are whimsical trees, mountains and even the occasional wild horse that might photo bomb your session. This location does require a small parking fee .  To see more maternity sessions from Coon Bluff Campground, see Beauty at Coon Bluff Campground.

Best Maternity photographer in Phoenix shoots at Salt River


Maternity photography at Coon Bluff in Phoneix

Best Matenrity photographer in Arizona shoots near Phoenix

Red Rock maternity picture at Coon Bluff in Mesa, AZ


With maternity sessions, you are able to change outfits as many times as you desire within your 60 minute session.  Most moms to be find that no more than 2 changes is a good amount and some think just one is plenty! Using accessories such as floral crowns or barrettes also make for beautiful photos.  If you wish, you could even accessorize with the ultrasound picture, baby shoes or outfits you’ll be bringing baby home in.  You get to choose what you’d like to include in your shots!  To be inspired by more maternity  outfit, see  shots from Manistee Ranch Park in Summer Baby right here!

Beautiful maternity portrait at Salt River near water

Portrati of maternity modle in flower crown near Phoenix, AZ

What About Dad?!

Maternity photos don’t only have to include the new mom.   Have the dad to be hop in for some shots as well! Including him in this magical time makes the photos even better!  I love how dad jumped right in the photos with his beautiful wife here (though he didn’t get in the river with her;) !! )

Mom and dad toegther for maternity portrait at Conn Bluff

Whimsical maternity picture by best maternity photographer in Phoenix

Dreamy maternity photos by Phoenix photographer

Candid maternity picture with white dress and flower crown


If you are pregnant, contact me today to set up a custom maternity photo session! Maternity sessions are best done between 28-34 weeks pregnant. It’s not too early to book your date! I’d love to work with you. 

Emily  emily@cozyclicks.com

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