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Snarky Comments From Strangers: How to Stay In Your Lane

How to move past negative comments on social media and love what you post!

The comments were so mean.

“your editing is so bad and overdone”

“this is horrible why would you post it”

“why would you ever put that much makeup on your daughter”

“that’s an ugly outfit”

“that does NOT look good where did you learn to edit?”

☝️☝️☝️Those are all real comments that were left on my photos and posts over the years…(and that’s just a few of them)

Social media is a cool place for photographers. It allows us to show off our work and can even help us grow a business.

But it also leaves us open for a lot of vulnerability.

The unknown of how “people” on the internet (most of them you don’t even know half the time) will respond to your work, can leave you not wanting to post your pictures.

…or worse yet, get you thinking you aren’t good enough to take pictures at all.

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    But what if after that first mean comment I stopped. What if that ONE person who told me my editing was bad made me put my camera down for good.

    I might not have started a profitable portrait photography business that I love.

    I never would have the huge amount of pictures I have of my kids now.

    I wouldn’t have helped thousands of new photographers learn to shoot, edit and grow their business….

    Don’t let mean people online stop YOU from becoming the brilliant photographer you know you are.

    Don’t let fear determine what YOU want to post and show off.

    Don’t let any snarky comments keep YOU from your dreams.

    Today I do want you to be motivated by your excitement and your passion! Have fun taking photos and share them online to show off to the world!

    As an added challenge, next time you are scrolling through social media this week, take the time to leave a wonderfully positive comment on another photographer’s work. Not just a like or a thumbs up- but let them know you like what they created!

    Always continue to lift up yourself and others💖

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