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The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online! Take Your Photography Skills to the Next Level!

The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online!

A few posts ago over on my Instagram feed I got into a conversation with a few photographers about, (hey you guessed it), photography and learning.

The thing about photography is that it’s a constant stream of learning. Newbies to the photography game might feel a bit overwhelmed at times, but ya know what, even the master have not learned it all. We all are learning and growing and that’s pretty cool.

Instead of being overwhelmed trying to learn it all, just work on moving forward and doing what you love because there will always be new things to learn in the world of photography, you will never know it all.

Even though I’ve been at for quite a few years, I am still am reading, growing and trying to learn more about new things out there in the world of photography. I’m always looking for and reading great articles that will help me grow, and by doing that, I come across some really great ones I think would help YOU too! So read up on the Best Beginner Photography Articles Online! (I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I find them too!)

Here’s a fantastic list and resources for you of the best photography articles online for new photographers! (In no particular order)

The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online!

General Photography Articles

9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work! Improve Photography

This article is so cool and ingenious! Easy to do things that you probably have not thought of that you could do today with some of your photos!

Top 5 Beginner Photography Tips Cole’s Classroom

This helps you determine what you should be focusing on first as a new photographer. ?Super easy to follow and right to the point!

Why You Need To Know The Rule Of Thirds- And How Easy It Is! The Lens Lounge

If composition is your weakness, then this article is for you!

The Four Step Guide To Shooting In Manual Mode Cozy Clicks

Hey, I had to stick one of mine in their right? And for good reason! It?s helped and been shared by more than 250,000 new photographer looking to break away from auto and into manual mode.

How To Use To Exposure Triangle To Improve Your Photography Pixel Perfect Blogging

Great and easy to follow article for learning the exposure triangle. Beyond just shooting portraits!

The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online!

Beginner Editing Articles

How To Get Started With Ligthroom Live Snap Love

Awesome and easy to follow article for beginners looking to learn the ins and outs of Lightroom + some pretty awesome freebies to help you out too!

How To Cull Photos Easily Click It Up A Notch

This article is so useful for new photographers.Culling is sometimes the very first part of your editing process- you want to make sure you’ve got it down!

The One Photoshop Tool That Works Like Magic! Cozy Clicks

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this trick! And use it all the time;)

Are You Editing Color Correctly? Two Loves Studio

Great tips for Lightroom users. The focus is more on food photography, but still has many many awesome points for all types of photographers out there!

Customizing Your Workspace in Photoshop Retouching Academy

Love this one because it shows you the basics for making some changes to your workspace, plus a little more advance techniques too!

The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online!


Photography Business Articles

Pricing For Photographers- A Guide To Decide What To Charge Morgan Burks

Simple and straightforward guide to help you determine your costs. Plus some formulas to help you get it down!

How To Standout As A Unique Photographer in A Saturated Market Two Blooms

This is a questions I see from so many new photographers who think the market is just too saturated. Guess what? It’s not! Love the ideas in this article!

5 Reason Why Photography Businesses Fail Magazine Mama

Wondering why yours isn’t taking off?You might want to have a look here.

5 Reasons Your Photo Biz Need To Be An LLC?The Law Tog

I hear this questions asked in photography groups so many times! Wanna know if you should be an LLC? Read here.

The Secret To Blogging Your Photography Session Sparkle Society

So you probably already know that I kind love this whole blogging thing;) It is sooooo important for photographers and this article breaks down why AND how to do it!

The Best Beginner Photography Articles Online!

Photography Gear- For Beginners!

6 Reasons To Use Prime Lenses Click and Learn Photography

Hey, I’m a prime kinda gal too and this article does an excellent job at breaking down why you might want to switch to a prime lens.

The Best Lens To Buy First Aly Dawn Photography

Looking to upgrade to your first lens( that?s not a kit!) Read here- it’s my top pick too!

6 Tips For Looking After Your Precious Photography Gear Light Stalking

This is a great article that teaches you what to do with that fantastic gear of yours once you make that investment

5 Reasons the 135mm 2.0 Should Be On Your Wishlist Cozy Clicks

If you’ve been hanign’ out with me for awhile now, you know it’s my fave lens. Read why here.

Hopefully this helps YOU in your photography? journey! Have an article that you’ve really loved and that has helped you?? Leave a comment below and share it with us!


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