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The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #7: The Simple Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #7:

The Simple Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business | An Interview with Cindy Reeves


Hey there! It’s Emily and thank you for being her for another episode of the stay focused podcast! I truly am grateful you’re here listening and if you joined me in previous weeks episodes, thanks for coming back and if today’s the first time you’re listening, well I’m glad you’re here!

Today’s episode is for you if you’re toying around with the idea of starting your own portrait business or maybe you already do have a portrait business but you’re marking is non-existent. There is no shame and that at all and believe me I know that as a photographer you are more of a creative person and less of a business person.There’s a lot of reaseach when it comes to marketing and it might be a new territory to you. This episode will help you get in gear and will help you get focused on what to work on first so that your portrait portrait business can be wildly successful! (Woo hoo!)

On the show today I’m super excited we have Cindy Reeves with Magazine Mama. What I love about Magazine Mama, is that it focuses on marketing and marketing resources but it is specific to photographers just like you! I actually connected with Cindy several years ago when she asked me to write an article for her blog and since then I have seen her all over Pinterest. Her journey was not the easiest one and she actually had some pretty horrific things happen that changed the course of her photography career. And on today’s episode she’s going to share that with you and also a simple plan to help you market your photography business!


 Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business


Today’s episode is all aboutThe Simple Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business

Ok, so if you’ve been toying around with the idea of starting up your own portrait photography business OR maybe you already have one but your marketing plan is, well, let’s say, non-existent. This episode is totally for YOU!

It’s not uncommon for photographers to be at a loss when is coming to marketing. We’re creative people right?! (and not necessarily business people) It takes work, research and a plan to be successful with your business marketing.

So if you’re not sure where to start, this episode will help YOU get your marketing plan in gear. Photography marketing expert, Cindy Reeves from Magazine mama joins us today to give you a simple plan of where to begin!




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 Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business Learn what you should do first to market your photography business!



This episode features photography marketing expert , Cindy Reeves with Magazine Mama.

Cindy shares her story of how something horrific that could have totally crushed her turned into a positive experience that has gone on to help new photographers out there that want to start AND successfully run a portrait photography business.

PLUS, she gives you the lowdown on a pretty simple plan that will help you get your marketing off on the right foot. It’s pretty basic and simple and was what brought clients in for her from the very beginning stages of her business.


 Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business

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Where to find more from Cindy Reeves with Magazine Mama

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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!






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